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What our students have to say...

HELP identified and corrected processing issues.

"Adopting older children from India poses many challenges, not the least of which is how to approach their education.  My husband and I are so thankful to have found the people at HELP early in our process.  The incredible staff at HELP were able to test, identify, and alleviate some profound processing issues through customized training and encouragement. With the HELP program (and some very determined study), each of our daughters were able to soar past their previous limitations and find success in high school and college.

I’m so proud to say that K. graduated from University of Oregon in Applied Economics and C. won an $80K scholarship to Whitworth University where she is currently studying Health Sciences.  There is no way to measure the great work that HELP provides to families who complete their program; it truly is life-changing!"

~ Rebecca P. (proud mother of two HELP training “graduates”)

New opportunities!

"We will never, ever forget how you changed D's life for the better!!  She is thriving!  As a senior in highschool with A's and B's, she is currently in Germany for a year on foreign exchange.  Upon her return, she will finish her AA degree at community college and then onto college, TBD!!  We have fond (and not so fond) vivid memories of HELP that we'll treasure as changing D's life forever."    ~E

30 years later, we still thank HELP!

My daughter M.,( a former student from decades back) is now 41 years old, mother of 3 active boys, and the office manager of her church. Recently she was employed at a medical center using her Social Work degree. She’s clear-minded, organized, detail-oriented and vivacious. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for God’s grace and HELP. Since going through your program she has thrived in so many ways.    ~M's Mom

Proud to be part of HELP!

"Just wanted to update you on Amelia! She is doing great! She doesn’t love school but Freshman year at SC is really tough. Her GPA is 3.57!   She memorizes things so well! She earned this GPA while playing soccer too! She’s still in the city youth symphony and will be performing at church twice in December which is a great experience for her. Around 900 people. She’s come a long way. Her siblings weren’t allowed to know she was in the program, but now Amelia said she is fine with you sharing her story…she said she doesn’t even mind if HELP uses her name!"    ~Amelia's Mom

HELP changes lives!

"I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.  When I was 9 I went through your program.  I am now 20.  Before HELP I couldn't concentrate, retain information, and school was just painful.  I felt stupid, confused and like there was no hope in sight.  You gave me the tools that last a lifetime and a happiness that I never had before HELP.  I am forever thankful for what you did in my life and for what you are doing in the lives of others."     ~Peter T.

The best attitude!

"Thank you so much! All these years later I credit the HELP program with turning things around for N. Her self-esteem and self-confidence and her belief in her intelligence were taking such a dive as she entered middle school, that even if we put all concerns about homework and grades aside, I was deeply concerned about her overall belief in herself and her well-being. The years since have not been without some challenges and bumps in the road, and yet she has enjoyed school, been willing to take classes in many new subject areas regardless of knowing whether she'd be "good at it" or not, felt comfortable asking for help if she needed it, and has one of the best attitudes and approaches to education, and life in general, of any kid I know. The initial assessment was a huge part in convincing her she wasn't "dumb" and in fact, had some exceptional abilities -- and I've reminded her of this a few times over the years when she hit those bumps. Of all the lessons, classes, camps, private schools, etc. N attended over the years, this program was the best investment. Well worth the time, travel and cost to complete it. If Charlene is still with you, please give her my best. She was a wonderful coach/teacher/counselor/mentor for N. Thanks again"     ~C

Don't wait to start the HELP Program!

"I want to encourage those out there who are struggling to take the test and see how they can benefit from the program.  I sure wish I had been enrolled in this program at a much earlier age, but thankful that I did eventually end up on your doorstep.  I will continue to refer people to you to take advantage of this incredible program that works."     ~David S.

HELP increases self-confidence!

"The HELP program is an amazing opportunity for all ages to expand, enhance, and gain self-confidence, not just in one area but really in all areas of life.  I experienced many essential life long processes and changes to improve many skills, which create a more efficient, relaxing and better quality of life.  Overall, I would recommend the HELP program for all ages, students, professionals, retired, really it's for everyone!"    ~Robyn R.

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