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HELP's Frequently Asked Questions

No, HELP has been located on the Marylhurst campus working with children and adults with learning difficulties since 1984.

HELP has always been a not-for-profit with a very limited advertising budget. We are thankful to the many HELP graduates, schools, tutoring centers and doctors who refer us.  Our success is due to them!

We work with students as young as 7, as well as preteens, teens and many adults. Our oldest student was 74 years old. Recent research shows you are never too old to create new neural pathways.

Many professionals, including doctors, lawyers, nurses, and teachers, have come to HELP to improve their organization and multitasking abilities. These skills, as well as improved concentration and better auditory and visual memory, are developed by our integration exercises.

The program consists of 24 weekly sessions.  HELP is dedicated to the success of its students and we customize a program to fit the student’s needs. We start new students year round.

No, the neural pathways that are developed during the program are retained. In fact, many students continue to develop because they are actively using their “newly wired” brains in school or on the job. They challenge themselves daily using the skills they have learned at HELP throughout the rest of their lives.

Every student is unique, but we have had many students reduce or even no longer require their medications upon completion of our program.

Absolutely! One of the first things we notice in our students is how much their confidence goes up after experiencing success in our program.  Our students quickly realize how bright and capable they are. This boost of self-esteem will have a positive impact on their grades, social skills, communication and attitude.

Most insurance companies consider this treatment to be educational and not medical. However, some employee flex plans have covered our services.

The student and coach (parent, spouse or other support people) are required to meet with their HELP instructor at our facility for one hour each.  The student and coach are also expected to work together at home for 1 hour each day, 5 days a week. We also offer intensive one-on-one sessions to HELP a student “break through” a particularly tough area of training.

Yes. We have successfully treated students in other states and other countries via the use of Skpye, Zoom and Facetime.

The MAP (Multiple Abilities Profile) assesses the following 12 information-processing areas:

  • visual memory
  • visual sequencing
  • visual abstraction (understanding)
  • auditory memory
  • auditory sequencing
  • auditory abstraction (understanding)
  • visual motor memory
  • visual motor learning
  • non-verbal concepts
  • integration (using both sides of the brain together)
  • concentration
  • verbal production

HELP requires the adult responsible for the child to be in the room during testing. This allows you to quietly observe how your child processes the testing information and how they answer the questions independently without prompts. 

Because HELP is a not for profit, our test fees have been $98 since 1984.

Call our main office at 503-635-3389 or you can email us at

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